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Not sure Dale would agree with the term, but a lot of us who attend think he is among a small but growing number of “radicals” who have actually read & studied what the Bible SAYS, without trying to force difficult verses to fit somebody’s theological template. (If you need a term for us [like Calvinists, which we are not, despite my own direct family connection to Calvin], Dale says we are Biblicists.) 

And when Dale (& others mentioned below) read & studied God’s Word for what it actually says, anew — for most of us — understanding has emerged.

As we’ve summed it up in the tagline for this website, Dale and the others — Dr. Earl Radmacher, Jody Dillow and Curtis Tucker, among others — have come to realize the “Kingdom of Heaven” and “Heaven” are not the same thing.

First: SALVATION IS A FREE GIFT; By Grace, alone, through Faith, alone, in Jesus Christ, alone! (Sola Fide*)

Second: THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN REQUIRES WORKS; it’s a literal one thousand year long (aka millennial) Kingdom which will be established and ruled on Earth by Jesus Christ, in the flesh (glorified body).

The book of Matthew is written to and intended for SAVED people — saved, in the sense of going to heaven (justified people, might be more precise)” to “saved in the sense of having obtained eternal life from belief in Jesus.” But Matthew is written about people who were following the one true God in whom they were trusting in a variety of ways but who were not yet saved by Jesus.

The Bible, as taught by Dale & the others, actually has little to say about going to Heaven.

It is, however — from Genesis to Revelation — all about the coming (not yet here) Kingdom of God.

Now, please don’t take my explanation to be…”Gospel”. ;->

Dillow (aka Joseph) has written a thick, heavily footnoted but also incredibly important & valuable book on all this. The title — “Reign of the Servant Kings”. The book has been updated and reissued as  “Final Destiny: The Future Reign of the Servant Kings” [Paperback] . It’s more than 1100 pages. “This work is extensive in its argumentation, expansive in its canonical scope, and immensely expanded from its first edition. It is an exceptional work, and a majestic achievement of both exegetical and biblical theology.” –Fred Chay, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Theological Studies and Director of  Doctoral Studies, Phoenix Seminary. President of the Free Grace Alliance. But we are by no means suggesting that Jody or any other person agrees with all of our views.

An easier read — that does an outstanding job of explaining what we’re talking about — is by Curtis Tucker: “Majestic Destiny”.

* Another book Dale highly recommends is “Simply by Grace: An Introduction to God’s Life-Changing Gift”, by Charles Bing.

Again, welcome!

Please join us for an adventure — number one — of understanding what God is trying to tell us in His Word, aka The Bible; and taking part in what may be the most important re-understanding of the Bible since Luther.

He read the Bible and found it did not say what his Roman Catholic superiors taught and required that it said (much to deter their people from studying it on their own.).

We are simply trying to take the Bible at face value, interpreting it literally, and applying it to our lives for greater growth. While many might disagree with us, our only goal is to explain the Bible in the easiest, most straightforward way we know how. And that does bring us into conflict with other believers today. But we praise God for all the various ways God is working and realize that we are by no means the only ministry that is trying to follow the Scriptures as closely as possible.

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Take care & God bless you!

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Bob Morrison