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Study Questions for Romans



 Romans: Overview & Preview
This is Our Father’s book of Romans!
But it’s not what you’ve been told!
We’ll “let Paul guide us” as to what it’s about.
Major themes/connectors:
PEACE (practical peace w/God)
THE LAW (as it applies to practical righteousness)

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We open our Bibles to Chapter 1, verse 1 in the book of Romans;
Along with further overview & preview:
Mainly understanding major definitions book of ROMANS:
“Justification” can refer to imputed (reckoned), one-time righteousness
And ongoing, over & over practical righteousness

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More in the early verses of Romans, Ch. 1; Plus, more overview/preview:
Dale teaches us that the fundamental issue/problem, as Paul presents it in Romans, is indwelling sin. Paul writes that the solution is practical righteousness, walking by faith, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Dale says, “You have been saved. You ought to be being saved, so that you can be saved. That’s salvation in the scriptures.”

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Romans 1:16-17, Dale “picks them apart”
1) What’s the “gospel”? Some translations say “Gospel of Christ” Some leave out “of Christ”. These verses — Romans 1:1-15 — show us that, in the phrase “For it”, “it” could be “He”, referring to Christ. The “it” in the very next verses should also be translated “he”, but this time referring to the believer.
2) What’s “salvation”? only in Romans Romans 5:9-10 Chapters 9, 10, 11 3) What’s “Righteousness of God” in Romans? How does the “Righteousness of God” relate to our position & our practice?

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ROMANS, CLASS V In our last Romans class until September (see below for more info on 3 special summer open forum classes) Dr. Dale Taliaferro wraps up Romans 1. We learn more about Romans as a book that’s addressed to and even in chapter 1 is talking about believers, warning them against living unrighteously.

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072513 ROMANS

ROMANS CLASS VI  (Recorded on 7/25/13) BISON BIBLE STUDY w/ Dr. Dale Taliaferro. In this Summer Update in our studies in the book of Romans, this is a more free-wheeling than usual class. Dale wants us to look at Galatians as a sort of intro to Romans. Primary study series resumes in September, God willing.

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ROMANS CLASS VII  (Recorded on 9/12/13) BISON BIBLE STUDY w/ Dr. Dale Taliaferro. Studies in the book of Romans resumes in earnest thank you & praise you God! Dale begins unveiling his major reassessments of the Bible. And we do mean major! So, buckle up!

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ROMANS CLASS VIII  (Recorded on 9/19/13) BISON BIBLE STUDY w/ Dr. Dale Taliaferro.

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092613 ROMANS

ROMANS CLASS IX  (Was not recorded on 9/26/13)

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    ROMANS CLASS X  (Recorded on 10/3/13) BISON BIBLE STUDY                          w/ Dr. Dale Taliaferro.

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ROMANS CLASS XI  (NOT Recorded) BISON BIBLE STUDY w/ Dr. Dale Taliaferro.

101713 ROMANS

ROMANS CLASS XII  (Recorded on 10/17/13) BISON BIBLE STUDY w/ Dr. Dale Taliaferro.

In Chapter, Paul dealt with the problem Gentiles (who are believers) need to deal with. Starting with Chapter 2:1, we see a problem for the Jew. Turns out, we”re all in the same boat, whether we have the Law (Jews) or do not have the Law (Gentiles).

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102413 ROMANS

                  ROMANS CLASS XIII  (Recorded on 10/24/13)                                          BISON BIBLE STUDY w/ Dr. Dale Taliaferro.

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103113 ROMANS                                

               ROMANS CLASS XIV (Recorded on 10/31/13)                                                             BISON BIBLE STUDY w/ Dr. Dale Taliaferro

New overview of Romans, plus verse by verse in Romans Chapter 2: Dale says: Having the law (forcing it on others is not the way to personal practical righteousness — always a faith issue..God wants a tender heart living by faith, not someone who just follows the law.

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ROMANS CLASS XV (Recorded on 11/07/13)                                                             BISON BIBLE STUDY w/ Dr. Dale Taliaferro

Would you believe, justification & sanctification refer to the same thing?!
Why did Jesus die?
Romans, Chapter 2:17-29, 3:1-8
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ROMANS CLASS XVI (Recorded on 11/14/13)                                                             BISON BIBLE STUDY w/ Dr. Dale Taliaferro

Romans 3:9-20. Not about “total depravity” (as traditionally taught), but “indwelling sin”. Whether a believer has the law (Messianic Jews) or does not have the law (Gentile believers), the law is not the issue. It is that we are all plagued by indwelling sin. And works are no good, unless done by faith. We should be in constant communication with God, seeking His Will every waking minute of the day, praying, in faith, before we sleep. Faith is the issue, coupled with living righteously, by faith.

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ROMANS CLASS XVII (Recorded on 11/21/13)                                                             BISON BIBLE STUDY w/ Dr. Dale Taliaferro Romans 3:21-26

Dale says these passages, Romans 3:21-26 and Ephesians 1:3-14 are widely regarded as the two most important sentences in the Bible. He says this view goes on to say, If you get these 2 sentences right, “you’ll never have any problems” (with what, he didn’t say),  Dale changes the heading for Roman numeral III in the outline, to say A RIGHTEOUS LIFE HAS ALWAYS BEEN MANIFESTED THE SAME WAY. Dale further explains his new understanding of the meaning of the word “justification”, and how it’s not a once and for all event. It’s not about the faith/belief that guarantees Heaven and joining the family of God, which is a once and for all event.

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ROMANS CLASS XVIII (Recorded on 01/23/14)  BISON BIBLE STUDY w/ Dr. Dale Taliaferro 

Romans 3:21 & following

Dale says Romans 3:21-26 Dale says this is very important to get: Justification comes by faith apart from works…<strong><em>of the Law </em></strong><em>(</em><em>which is not what he says he was taught, but now believes to be true. [Also see Romans 3:28]) III. A RIGHTEOUS LIFE HAS ALWAYS BEEN MANIFESTED THE SAME WAY. 3:21—4:25 We’re actually up to Romans 3:24, but he’s starting again in 2014 with verse 21 to make sure we understand the important new understanding of this paragraph.

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ROMANS CLASS XIX (This is a substitute for the study originally done on 01/30/14)  BISON BIBLE STUDY w/ Dr. Dale Taliaferro  Romans 3:24 We learn Jesus is our “Mercy Seat” every time we respond in faith & trust in the death of Jesus on the cross to cleanse (wash away) our sins, not just cover them, as happened with the old animal sacrifice system. That’s no longer needed. Dale boldly declares Jesus is neither our atonement (the OT system) or justification.

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ROMANS CLASS XX  (This is a substitute for the study originally done on 02/06/14) BISON BIBLE STUDY w/ Dr. Dale Taliaferro Romans 3:26-31 Continuation of last week’s study (013014), above

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ROMANS CLASS XXI (Recorded on 02/13/14)                                                             BISON BIBLE STUDY w/ Dr. Dale Taliaferro Romans 4:6 Also recapping 3:21-31 There is a righteousness for those who walk by faith, obediently. And for those who do not, there will be consequences, possibly severe.

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  ROMANS CLASS XXII (Recorded on 02/20/14)                                                             BISON BIBLE STUDY w/ Dr. Dale Taliaferro Starting Romans 4 (really): What is “justification” (really)? What are we saved from (really)? (Hell? Name chapter/verse, please.)

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  ROMANS CLASS XXIII (Recorded on 02/27/14)                                                             BISON BIBLE STUDY w/ Dr. Dale Taliaferro Faith vs. the Law or The Law + faith?

ROMANS CLASS XXIII 022714 VIDEO IN PROCESS (Unedited, sponsored video here.)


ROMANS CLASS XXIV (Recorded on 03/06/14)                                                             BISON BIBLE STUDY w/ Dr. Dale Taliaferro  Romans 4:6 “made well” can be translated “saved”. Paul uses David’s sin w/Bathsheba to illustrate “justification”. Paul argues Abraham didn’t have the law & he was justified. David had the law & he was justified after the above sin because David repented. “My mercy is new every morning”. The forgiveness Paul talks about in Romans 4 refers to an act of God that maintains fellowship with Him. True for David — a Jew w/the law — and Abraham, who represents the Gentile (“the original heathen in Africa”…before the law….1 John 1:7 tells us God is automatically applying His son’s death/blood to us as we walk through the day, and commit sins we don’t even know about — and for which we don’t repent & ask for forgiveness. “This whole thing — Abraham & David — is about walking by faith.” How do you change a flat tire “by faith”. “Faith is faith is faith”. We’re doing it all the time, or should be. It’s how you respond to flat tires, phone calls (called ID) — whatever. There’s not only no “limited atonement”, there is no “atonement”, at all. Atonement “covered” sins, Jesus’ death cleansed them, washed them away. The “lamb who takes (“is taking”) away the sins of the world” (John 1:29). Importance is, it is present tense. Benefit of cross was already being applied all the way back to Adam & Eve once Jesus came, even before He died. Re-establishing relationship between man & God. “Faith is your response to God”. “All Jesus is is the continuation of what was promised in the OT.” John 12:44: Faith in Jesus is faith in Him who sent Jesus — God the Father. Adding 3.e. — circumcision is a sign of a covenant that is a land grant, which is only to the Jews. But God is the Father of the circumcised & the uncircumcised. Circumcision is a seal that the promise of a land has been believed. Get circumcised or be cut off (Jeremiah 31:31-33) Romans 4:13 next week.

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ROMANS CLASS XXVI (Recorded on 03/20/14)                                                             BISON BIBLE STUDY w/ Dr. Dale Taliaferro  Romans 4:13-17+ Further understanding of just how “justification” works. And it’s probably not what you’ve been taught. “Not a one time deal”, says Dale, not what Paul is talking about. How was Abraham justified? OT/NT, the same. Just as God is the same. “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” – Hebrews 13:8 (NIV). Lots more!

ROMANS XXVI 03/20/14 AUDIO ROMANS XXVI 03/20/14 VIDEO IN PROCESS (Unedited, sponsored video here.)

      ROMANS CLASS XXVII (Recorded on 03/27/14)                                                             BISON BIBLE STUDY w/ Dr. Dale Taliaferro  Romans 4:22-25. “Reckoned” = “Attributed”. “Justification”=”Righteousness”. Chapter 5 next week 4/3/14

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ROMANS CLASS XXVIII (Recorded on 04/03/14)                                                                       BISON BIBLE STUDY w/ Dr. Dale Taliaferro.Romans 5. Dale calls this the most difficult chapter of the Bible that he’s ever studied! God is telling every man what is right. It’s better to have the Bible, to help us know how to live righteously, but it’s not required. The believer should always be asking himself, “What does God have for me?”, in every situation, even when attending church on Sundays.

ROMANS XXVIII 04/03/14 AUDIO ROMANS XXVIII 04/03/14 VIDEO IN PROCESS (Unedited, sponsored video here.)

ROMANS CLASS XXIX (Recorded on 04/10/14)                                                                                      BISON BIBLE STUDY w/ Dr. Dale Taliaferro Romans 5:3-11 Some of the highlights: Because a believer is united with Christ he/she has access to grace. But it is by our righteous works — done in faith, each day — that we utilize that access. The death of Christ deals with your walk. The blood of Christ is used daily, often, so we can be God’s presence and please God. Perseverance and patience only come through trials. Peace is always practical, not positional. The wrath of God is poured out now on anyone who is living unrighteously. When we do unrighteous acts, we store up God’s wrath, which is poured out on our personal day of wrath.

ROMANS XXIX 04/10/14 AUDIO ROMANS XXIX 04/10/14 VIDEO IN PROCESS (Unedited, sponsored video here.)

ROMANS CLASS XXX (Recorded on 04/17/14)                                                        BISON BIBLE STUDY w/ Dr. Dale Taliaferro  Romans 5:12-21 Is this hardest chapter in the Bible? Indwelling sin only enters our life when we sin, just like Adam.

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ROMANS CLASS XXXI (Recorded on 04/24/14)                                                        BISON BIBLE STUDY w/ Dr. Dale Taliaferro  Romans 5:15-21 Adam’s condemnation was not to Hell, it was temporal. Adam is not seminally present in all believers. Spiritual Death can be overcome by walking by faith (responding to God by/in faith. “Believing” does not involve the will. Walking/responding by faith does involve the will. Living by grace overcomes indwelling sin & living a death type of life. “Eternal damnation” may be a state of Hell, not our “sentence”. And, lots more! We start Romans 6:1 next week!

ROMANS XXXI 04/24/14 AUDIO ROMANS XXXI 04/24/14 VIDEO IN PROCESS (Unedited, sponsored video here.)

ROMANS CLASS XXXII (Recorded on 04/30/14)                                                        BISON BIBLE STUDY w/ Dr. Dale Taliaferro  Romans 6:1-6 (But beginning with quick review of Chapter 5) Sin is our default operating system. How do I get up to God’s level, so I may please Him. The Greek word for baptism comes from the fuller’s dying process — dying cloth. Cloth dipped in dye takes on the new color. But we have to make correct decisions to access/utilize our new “color”, which is Christ — “newness of life”. You have new resources because you trust in Jesus. Resurrection brings all kinds of new resources. All believers are united with Christ, but most don’t know how to access it. In this life our new nature is available via union with Christ, by faith. In Heaven, the new nature is our own personal nature — it’s who you are! As long as we live, as new stimuli come along, our old body of sin is first to interpret it. But God wants us to set aside the body of sin (our body) and go directly to God. So, you’re not a slave to sin — you don’t have to be. Next week, Romans 6:7 and following.

ROMANS XXXII 04/30/14 AUDIO ROMANS XXXII 04/30/14 VIDEO IN PROCESS (Unedited, video here. Audio probs for first 3 mins, approx.)

ROMANS CLASS XXXIII (Recorded on 05/08/14)  BISON BIBLE STUDY w/ Dr. Dale Taliaferro  Romans 6:6-14 Don’t present parts of your body (members) to indwelling sin as instruments of unrighteousness. Instead, present yourself to God. The nature you choose to partake of today is what you’ll have for eternity. The good parts are just a “taste” of what’s to come. The Greek word for “master” is the same as the word for “Lord”. Do you want indwelling sin to be your Lord? As Romans 6:14 says “For sin shall not have dominion over you, for you are not under law but under grace.”


ROMANS CLASS XXXIV (Recorded on 05/15/14)  BISON BIBLE STUDY w/ Dr. Dale Taliaferro  Romans 6:15-23 These verses bolster Dale’s argument that we, as believers, are expected to take action, as a result of our faith. We’re not forced to do so. In fact, we could still sin (and almost certainly will). But, is that a good thing? Is that what we should do? The answer, as Paul puts it in v. 15: “Certainly not!” (Or, “May it never be!”, “By no means!” — as 2 other translations put it.) Dale has updated the b.2 heading in the Outline, b. being “The Answer Given”. 2. now reads, “The dethronement of sin that God’s grace provides is realized only through obedience”.As Dale puts it: “Most Christians are living spiritual death.” Just like Adam, after all! In other words, contrary to other teachers, Christians do die — “you could say you’re a dead man living”, to quote Dale. You can either present yourself to sin, the result is death. Or you can present yourself to God (obedience) and the result is living in the state of “eternal life” (meaning a quality of life, not duration). Dale adds, “If you are not living & walking by faith, then you’re living & walking by indwelling sin.” You wake up each day, Dale says, turned on by your “Default Operating System”, which is indwelling sin.  You must make a choice, each day, to present yourself to God, for whatever He has for you today. Hear/see it for yourself, via the links below.


ROMANS CLASS XXXV (Recorded on 05/22/14)  BISON BIBLE STUDY w/ Dr. Dale Taliaferro  Romans 7 Dale says Romans 7 is “crucial to Christian living today”. It’s all about the law and what the law does to us. For one thing, it deceives us into thinking that it and us can please God, working together. To put ourselves under the law is lethal to our Spiritual life. As we, Christians, are not under the law, we should not respond to it. That’s up to the Spirit of God, dwelling within us. With Romans Chapter 7, Dale begins to sort through some very confusing material. Dive in!


ROMANS CLASS XXXVI (Recorded on 05/29/14)  BISON BIBLE STUDY w/ Dr. Dale Taliaferro  Wrapping up Romans 7. Why did Jesus Christ come to Earth? Not to save you from Hell – but to save you from yourself! Also — ever thought about the fact that love is a method, not a standard? So explains our ringleader, Mr. T. Dale also discusses how changes in the culture can have the power to override the Word of God. Also, Romans 7:23 explains (w/some difficulty, for readers like me) how indwelling sin is a “different” or “another” law, which resides in my flesh. Dr. Taliaferro explains it is like the law of gravity, it takes over by default if we don’t do something about it — which is to let God deal with indwelling sin, as we walk by faith. Got it? Listen/watch, as Dale explains it, much better & in elaboration than your humble correspondent (moi).


Please send any questions you may have to DR. DALE TALIAFERRO (He’ll answer some questions during webcast. In fact, you can now ask questions during the live webcast, via chat in the new Google Hang Outs version of our study. Join my circles on Google Plus to make sure you get invited, w/link).

Bison Bible Study summer hiatus is now over, as we approach holiday break. Due to illness of webmaster, no new audio files will be posted for a while, but we do have videos, posted on YouTube,

We wrapped-up with Romans 7. Romans 8 started in September. Latest outline is posted above. Bison Bible Study is live & recorded on YouTube every week!

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